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Belly Dance

Belly Dance is a sensual and exotic dance that when danced hypnotizes its viewers.  Belly dance was originally danced by women for women, and helped strengthen the abdomen for birth.  Although no longer danced for this purpose, Belly Dance continues to gain credit for strengthening the entire mid-section of the body.  The Dance Chamber's Belly Dance instructor, Maha, is an authentic Arabic instructor with years of experience and performance in Belly Dance in North America.

  • Starters

Class covers basic belly dance techniques, introduces Middle Eastern eastern rhythms, and music. A typical student will spend 1-3 sessions in the Beginners class.

  • Level I

Involves technique and combinations. Finger cymbals and veils are also used.

Continuation of Middle Eastern rhythms. While some students will spend 2-4 sessions at this level, 6-8 sessions is more typical.

  • Level II

Involves more complex techniques and combinations. Dancing props are used, as well as finger cymbals.

  • Level III

Involves the most advanced techniques and combinations.  This is an unlimited learning experience level, as a myriad of Belly Dance combinations are choreographed on a weekly basis.


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